Norman/Peter Island Itinerary

Our vessel’s home mooring is at Village Cay Marina on the Island of Tortola. Our most popular charter sets sail from here. Depending on your chosen duration of sail we will make anything from two to five plus swim and snorkel stops. This area is widely renowned for offering some of the best snorkelling in the British Virgin Islands. The infamous Willy T floating bar is also on this route.

The stops we make are dependant on your preferences, weather and mooring availability.

  • Norman Island. The smaller of the two principal islands on this route. Pirate treasure is rumoured to have been found on several occasions in the island’s recent history. The island is also famed as the inspiration for Robert Lewis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. In addition to many beautiful bays and swim stops Norman Island is the location of the popular ‘Pirates Bight’ bay, a large area of sheltered anchorage believed to be a favourite hide out for pirates in days gone by. Today it is also home to Pirates Bight Beach Bar and The Willy T Floating Bar.
  • The Indians. The waters around the Indians contain abundant marine life, and in addition to snorkelling, are one of the most popular dive sites in the British Virgin Islands.tortola daysail tours
  • The Caves. Located on the western cliff edge of Norman Island. Here you can experience a stunning combination of marine life, coral and three swim in caves. It’s said that pirate gold was discovered here early in the twentieth century.

  • The Willy T. For sailors and ‘landlubbers’ alike, this bar is ‘must-go’ on any BVI vacation. Sometimes known for rowdy evening antics, during the day it is most popular as a fun place to meet friends new and old and  to take a swim in the surrounding turquoise waters. The more adventurous take a leap from the dive platform on the ship’s second deck. While you are there, don’t miss out on sampling their famous frozen margarita cocktail.
  • Peter Island. Originally home to one of the  largest ports in the BVI, it is now largely uninhabited. On the eastern side you will find Peter Island Resort which has now been rebuilt after four years of renovation following hurricane Irma. The largest bay on Peter Island  is Great Harbour, famously the sport where the ill-fated RHMS Rhone, a mail and passenger steam ship, anchored here in 1867, lost her anchor during an unpredicted hurricane. While seeking safe waters, the ship foundered on a submerged rock midway between Salt and Cooper Islands. The ship’s engine exploded and the vessel sank, claiming the lives of most onboard. Today Great harbour is considered a safe overnight mooring spot for cruisers and when conditions are good great snorkelling is available on the western shore.
  • Deadman’s Bay. Located on the easternmost point of Peter Island, this is a beautiful turquoise bay and large beach adjacent to the popular Peter Island resort. Turtles are commonly spotted and the beach is a short swim away.
  • Additional anchorages, favoured for their habitual solitude and beautiful blue water, include Kelly Cove, Soldiers Bay, Benures Bay and Little Harbour. Ask our crew for more details.


Alternative Itineraries


Jost Van Dyke

We offer a 6 six hour sail from West End marina to Jost Van Dyke. (There is an additional positioning fee to book this trip).  If arriving via cruise ship a taxi ride is required to meet us at the alternative pickup location which we do not recommend if your ship is leaving port early.


  • White Bay. Home to the famous Soggy Dollar bar, pristine blue waters and a sandy beach. Around the bay, you will find multiple tiki beach bars and a lively party vibe. To reach the shore it is necessary to swim or be ferried by our crew direct to the beach aboard our inflatable boat (you may get wet).
  • Sandy Cay. A deserted island which when viewed from above is the shape of a heart. Swim ashore and enjoy the beautiful snorkelling and peace.
  • Other popular locations on this itinerary include Sandy Spit, Diamond Cay, B-line Bar and Little Harbour. Ask your crew for more details.