SV Anne Bonny

Available for Daysails

Sailing Yacht Anne Bonny is a 1972 Hudson 50′ Sailing Ketch. Designed and built in Taiwan she is a true Blue Water cruiser and capable of sailing any ocean.

Now equipped for day charters in the BVI she sails with up to 12 guests and a max crew of three. She is large, wide and stable. She offers an authentic sailing experience and is capable of 9 knots at full sail with mainsail, headsails and mizzen raised. In addition Anne Bonny is fitted out for upmost comfort and relaxation with a large luxury sun lounge at the bow and shaded seating midships and at the stern. Below deck are two bathrooms and ample changing room as well as a large seating/dining area.

Toys on board include snorkel equipment for all shapes and sizes, swimming noodles and inflatables. Freshly laundered beach towels and reef safe sunscreen are also provided.

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