SV Anne Bonny

Available for Daysails

Sailing Yacht Anne Bonny is a 1972 Hudson 50′ Sailing Ketch. Designed and built in Taiwan she is a true Blue Water cruiser and capable of sailing any ocean.

Now equipped for day charters in the BVI she sails with up to 12 guests and a max crew of three. She is large, wide and stable. She offers an authentic taste of sailing on a large classic yacht. In addition Anne Bonny is fitted out for comfort and relaxation with two sun loungers at the bow and shaded seating midships and at the stern. Below deck are two bathrooms and ample changing room.

Toys on board include snorkel equipment, swimming noodles and large inflatable swim mat.

Our priority at sea is to deliver a comfortable and smooth experience for all. Weather in the Caribbean especially during winter months can be windy and at times wet. For this reason we often sail with the motor accompanying our forward and aft sails. Sailing enthusiasts are welcome however we do not sail for racing speed.

Why Choose a Sailing Yacht?

“The difference between a speed boat trip and an Anne Bonny Sailing Charter is that with the speed boat it is all about the destination and you want to get there fast. With us the yacht is the destination so we are never in a hurry because you have already arrived, all the beautiful places we go are just the cherry on top.”

What People Say